my name is kendra and

i am a cubicle escape artist.

I try to find ways to keep my job, which is in a cubicle, while also trying to escape it as often as possible. With a little creativity and some determination, I’ve discovered ways to stretch my limited vacation time into trips that can last up to 3 months long.

As a traveler, I aim for both the unique and the cliché. I’ve done the day tours and the backpacking, the 5-star B&B and the hostel, street food and the fancy high tea, the beach resort and the mountain top cabin, the road trip and the long walks… If it is a fun, breathtaking, and/or beautiful experience, I don’t care if one million people before me have done it or just one person – I want to experience it for myself.

Rusty Travel Trunk is my way of sharing my adventures, both through the written word and in photographs. I hope they encourage people to go further than just sitting on a cruise ship or behind the gates of a resort – there is SO much to see and do! Just go!

Feel free to contact me about anything on this site. Or if you have a suggestion on where I should go next, I’d love to hear! If you would like me to write for your publication or present/speak at a function, also feel free to contact me.