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Cities of the Dead: New Orleans’ St. Louis No. 1 and No. 2 Cemeteries

I know it isn’t everyone’s thing, but I, for one, love old cemeteries. I love the history, I love trying to imagine what someone’s life was like, and I love photographing the tombstones. Some of my favourite cemeteries so far have been in Cuba, Turkey, and England. Now, surprisingly enough, I’ve added the USA to that list! The cemeteries in New Orleans are generally called “Cities of the Dead”. Visit any of the historic cemeteries and it will quickly become evident why – the rows of ornate tombs complete with iron fences certainly make it look like a neighbourhood!...

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Should You Sail the Mississippi River on a Steamboat?

As much as I can be a cranky pessimistic cynic, sometimes even I can get caught up in the romance of history. Which can get frustrating because it almost always lets me down. Which in turn annoys my inner pessimist into whispering, why did you expect otherwise? Unfortunately, I had this experience in New Orleans. For some reason, I thought a historic steamboat ride along the Mississippi River would be great. Doesn’t it sound great? It wasn’t. In fact, if it wasn’t for some very bad luck, it would have been a very boring trip. It is not often...

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A Jammin’ Good Time at the Preservation Hall (New Orleans)

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Yin and Yang. Nuts and Bolts. There are some things in life that just naturally go together. Another is New Orleans and Jazz. Music is everywhere in this city, jazz in particular. It is played on the streets by buskers and musicians are hired to perform at brunches in many restaurants. But I was on the hunt for a real venue, a place where I could if not learn about the tradition at least feel the tradition. I wanted a combination of talent and atmosphere. And I found the perfect place at the Preservation Hall,...

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You Do Voodoo In New Orleans: The Historic Voodoo Museum

During a wander in the French Quarter of New Orleans, I overheard a tour guide on the street telling his group that “Voodoo is just an offshoot of Catholicism”. I was seriously annoyed, especially with the dismissive tone. But since it was not my tour, I moved on. It really is obnoxious, when the media and tour guides continue to willfully perpetuate myths about Voodoo. It was for this reason (i.e. learn what Voodoo is in reality vs the myth) that I visited the Historic Voodoo Museum. Was it worth the visit? Did I learn anything? Read on to...

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Who Am I?

My name is Kendra and I am a cubicle escape artist: I try to find ways to keep my job which is in a cubicle while also trying to escape it as often as possible.

When I travel, I’m generally that solo female you see wandering with a camera firmly clutched to her face as she traipses around while narrowly avoiding being hit by some form of local transportation.

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