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Using the Imagination at Devrent Valley

When you read descriptions of Imagination Valley, the brain conjures up thoughts of extraordinary rocks that will make you wonder if Mother Nature has a B.A. in Fine Arts. However, when you actually visit Imagination Valley (properly called Devrent Valley), you kick yourself for feeling a little let down because it means you kind of fell for the marketing ploy. Don’t get me wrong – the valley is pretty neat with all sorts of shapes in the rocks. Nevertheless, I feel that there really is only one rock that actually looks like something and all the other rocks were...

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Colourful Children’s Carnival

One of the main events and highlight of Trinidad and Tobago is Carnival. And yet, as a full-grown Trini adult (can I call myself that even though I left when I was 5 1/2?), I have never been to Carnival. Well, this year, I rectified this little issue. Okay, okay, I wasn’t there for the bacchanal that is Sunday-Tuesday Carnival but instead, I attended the Children’s Carnival the week before. Children’s Carnival is no small thing, though. The parade is over 5 hours long, there are tons of people and participants, and the costumes are lavish, creative, and obviously expensive....

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Miletus, Turkey

Miletus is one of three ancient Greek cities located not all that far from each other, thanks to the modern marvel that is the automobile. The other two are Priene and Didyma. It lies near the western coast of Turkey, near the Maeander River. In its heyday, Miletus was one of the (if not THE) greatest and richest Greek cities primarily because of its four harbours. But as we all know, what gets built up must eventually fall down. Today, Miletus lies in ruins, about 10km inland. Miletus was first founded in 1400 BC by Minoans from Crete. It has...

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Priene, Turkey

Turkey has no shortage of really cool ruins. The most famous one is, of course, Ephesus. However, there are many smaller and less popular ruins that are pretty awesome in their own right. Priene is one such site, especially because how nature has started to reclaim the site. I was able to visit Priene while staying in Selcuk; it is accessible either on your own or via a day tour that visits three different ruins (the other two being Miletus and Didyma). Priene, due to its location, was pretty much doomed to be a ruin from the beginning. Earthquakes...

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Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmet Mosque, or more colloquially, Blue Mosque, is probably Istanbul’s most famous mosque. It was built in the early 17th century, during the rule of Ahmed I, and it still a popular place of worship today. One of the most striking features of this mosque is its six minarets. Mosques have between one and four minarets. This particular mosque caused a great scandal when it was first built – the only other mosque at the time to have as many minarets was the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The solution? Build another minaret onto the Grand Mosque! The Sultan...

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Who Am I?

My name is Kendra and I am a cubicle escape artist: I try to find ways to keep my job which is in a cubicle while also trying to escape it as often as possible.

When I travel, I’m generally that solo female you see wandering with a camera firmly clutched to her face as she traipses around while narrowly avoiding being hit by some form of local transportation.

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