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Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale is one of those places of which you see a photo and never quite forget. And it is one of those places that I never thought I’d actually get to see just because it seems so other worldly – I may as well plan a trip to Mars! But when I realized that the travertines were only an overnight bus away from Cappadocia… Let’s just say facing a funky-smelling squat toilet at 3am in the middle of nowhere Turkey was no big deal as all I cared about was that I was on my way to see TRAVERTINES!!...

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Finisterre, Spain

Finisterre, Fisterra, Land’s End – whatever you want to call it, this is the place some pilgrims consider the end of their Camino, not Santiago. I’d hoped to make it my end but it didn’t work out. So while I couldn’t walk there due to a lack of time, I did do a day trip out to the coast by bus. It made for a pleasant end to my Camino Frances adventure. Finisterre is on the westernmost point in continental Spain, so medieval pilgrims really did think that this place was where the world ended. And being about 98km...

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Burgos, Spain

Walking into Burgos after Atapuerca, you’ll pass through enough change that you’ll wonder, “Where am I going??”: military zone, giant wooded cross, rings of stone, airport, railway tracks, and then a 10km long industrial zone. Yes, this is the infamous Camino Frances industrial zone and you have three options: take a vaguely marked detour near the airport, take the bus once in the zone itself, or just trudge along. I did the third – I’m stubborn that way. I wanted to walk the whole Camino Frances, the good and the bad. Though this was one of the few times...

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Astorga, Spain

Astorga is an interesting town and I was happy to stop here for a sightseeing session despite the cold and rain. This was one of the places I did wish I had an umbrella but in lieu of that, I had a nap while I waited for the rain to stop. Naps are good. Especially on rainy days. Rain or no rain, though, Astorga is worth a wander around. But granted, the cold rain did stop me from seeing everything – for example, I totally missed seeing the ancient city walls. Astorga was founded in 14BC as a Roman...

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Samos, Spain

Samos is not exactly off the Camino Frances but it is along a lesser used path to Sarria. Most people are concerned about reaching Sarria in time to get a bed since this is the place where you’ll see a sudden influx of new pilgrims. However, Samos is worth the trip and the extra 6km, in my opinion, and you’ll need to make your decision in Triacastela. Once you pass through the town, the Camino splits into two directions: right takes you straight to Sarria and left takes you to Sarria via Samos. Start early enough and you’ll pretty...

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Who Am I?

My name is Kendra and I am a cubicle escape artist: I try to find ways to keep my job which is in a cubicle while also trying to escape it as often as possible.

When I travel, I’m generally that solo female you see wandering with a camera firmly clutched to her face as she traipses around while narrowly avoiding being hit by some form of local transportation.

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