If you’re anything like me, you view group day tours as a necessary evil occasionally required. You also don’t really want to wander around holding a guide book or that light-on-information tourist brochure offered by tourism offices. Generally speaking, those have been my only two options when sightseeing since I don’t have a photographic memory that would allow me to read up on things in advance…and remember them. Not anymore, though. I recently learned about a third option – apps! Have you ever considered using one on your travels?

How Can An App Be Of Use?

As long as you have a smartphone with GPS, you can use an app to help you with your sightseeing. This app in particular is called GPSmyCity and it provides self-guided city walks and travel articles for over 700 cities around the world! Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your phone or your tablet, there is no more need for those annoying brochures or guide books or a human guide. Within each article or city walk, there is an offline map that plots the route to all the sights mentioned. You follow the route, read the details within the article for site information, and voila! Your smartphone has become your guide!

But Why GPSmyCity Specifically?

What is great about this particular app is that all the travel articles and city walks can operate offline so you don’t need to worry about using up your data or incurring roaming fees. You don’t even need wifi once you’ve downloaded what you need. Other great features include the ability to bookmark locations on the map, “FindMe” and “Auto Tracking” features that show your location as you move about, and the capability to create walking tours for yourself as you see fit.

Try It For FREE

I recently decided to accept an invitation to be a part of GPSmyCity and as such, you can find some of my articles available for sale on their website*. BUT! For one week only, you can get one of these articles FREE so you can see if GPSmyCity is right for you. So come on – why not give it a try? The four free articles are: Six Things to Do in Montreal, Wandering Marseille, Nine Things to See at Lima’s Cathedral, and Havana, Cuba.

If you’d like more details about GPSmyCity, don’t hesitate to check out their website.


*Note: I will receive a tiny amount of the proceeds if you were to buy one of my articles. If you do, thank you in advance!