Who Am I?

I was born in the Caribbean; however, I grew up in Canada as my family moved here as a young child. It wasn’t my first experience with travel. That was a trip to Trinidad’s sister island, Tobago, when I was one year old! And apparently, my first word was “plane” so I think I was destined to be a traveller.

In my travels, I tend to be a study in contrasts:

  1. Introverted Adventurer: I love my solitude and quiet, but at the same time, I love new experiences and adrenaline.
  2. Lazy Hiker: Trek through mountains or walk 800km? Sure!! Walk 20 minutes to the grocery store while at home? Yeah…no.
  3. Anti-social Explorer: Many travel to meet new friends. Me, not so much. I want to see and experience the world while avoiding small talk along the way.

Why Do I Travel?

Home life always feels like a routine, no matter how many different activities I do; travel on the other hand, makes me feel alive. It’s about seeking new and strange experiences, dealing with hardships and achieving goals, and appreciating beauty in the differences and similarities all around the world. It’s life outside the “home bubble”.

What Is My Travel Style?

I am a cubicle escape artist: I try to find ways to keep my job which is in a cubicle while also trying to escape it as often as possible. With a little creativity and some determination, I’ve discovered ways to stretch my limited vacation time into trips that can last up to 3 months long. Ultimately, my goal is to experience as much as I possibly can, both the unique and the cliché, while keeping my 9-to-5 job; I admit, though, retirement can’t come fast enough!

To date, I have visited 24 countries, a few of which I’ve been to several times. I love most types of travel: backpacking to five-star B&B, road trips to island hopping, adventure-focused to gastronomical experiences. I am generally a solo traveller but I have also been known to travel with others.

Money: Budget travel with a cushion.
Time: Ranging from a weekend, up to three months long.
Planning: Definitely. While spontaneity is a virtue, nothing hurts me more than to return home and realize I missed something phenomenal that I would have seen if I had done proper research. Itinerary planning is my forte!
Places: I am more than happy to go anywhere in this world of ours, be it city, countryside, or mountain top. Especially, if there is a hike involved!
Numbers: My preference is solo travel but I do enjoy a trip with one or two friends. My ratio is about 70/30.
Taste: When it comes to accommodations and food, I prefer things to be simple; however, I have been known to splurge…sometimes. I do admit, though, that I’m of the age where a private bathroom is a major preference!
Highlights: My favourite bits on a trip are landscapes, hiking, street food, historic architecture, and cultural experiences.

What Should You Expect From Rusty Travel Trunk?

I work full time and while the idea of travelling full time is a seductive one, there is something to be said for a secure income and retirement plan. I don’t know about you but I certainly hope to travel right into my 90s…and that takes fiscal planning from now. Rusty Travel Trunk, therefore, will not be about “how to leave it all behind”; rather, it is from the point of view of a Cubicle Escape Artist: someone who works full time but runs away whenever possible!

Are You A Cubicle Escape Artist As Well?

Are you wondering what are the characteristics of a Cubicle Escape Artist? Or are you wondering if you are one? If you’ve answered YES to some or many of these questions below, you just may be a Cubicle Escape Artist yourself!

  1. Do you work full time at a “9-5” type job?
  2. Do you only have a set amount of vacation days allocated to you by your employer?
  3. Did you think you wanted a career but it turned out you just wanted pay cheques to cover travel costs?
  4. Have you heard one too many stories about someone who had waited for retirement to travel, only to keel over dead as soon as they did retire?
  5. Is your lunch break spent researching future trips?
  6. Have you decorated your cubicle with photos from around the world?
  7. Does travel or adventure fill up your free time and empty your bank account?

So? Are you a Cubicle Escape Artist, too? Let me know!

Where Else Can You Find Me?

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