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Visiting Tremé, New Orleans

Visitors to New Orleans generally only stick to the French Quarter neighbourhood of the city. Yes, it’s a great area to explore but if you only visit there, you’ll get a very lopsided view of New Orleans. There are several neighbourhoods of interest in the city but one I definitely recommend is Tremé. Tremé is extremely interesting because it’s the oldest black neighborhood in the US. There is so much history here! In the 18th and 19th centuries, many ‘free persons of colour’ and ex-enslaved peoples owned property in this area of New Orleans; this was extremely unusual for...

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Should you visit Chiclayo in northern Peru?

I must admit that visiting the main cities of northern Peru wasn’t all that exciting. That being said, what makes cities like Trujillo and Chiclayo interesting is that they are “every day” cities. Regular people going about their lives mostly away from the main tourist trail. At the same time though, the average tourist isn’t an anthropologist or a sociologist. Most just want to see what an area has to offer and then move on. So bearing that in mind, is it worth spending your hard earned vacation days in Chiclayo? My answer is, “kind of”. Chiclayo: A visit...

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Should you visit Trujillo (Peru)?

One thing to keep in mind about travel is that not all of it is exciting. Sometimes it is hard, boring, or even disappointing. Not all places are thrilling. Not all cities have abundant things with which they can capture a tourist’s attention. Trujillo, in northern Peru, is one of those places. While it is worth a visit, you probably won’t be staying here very long. Also known as the City of Eternal Spring, Trujillo does have great weather going for it. As well, it’s located near the coast by the Pacific Ocean. The Spanish founded the city in...

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The Ancient City of Chan Chan

Along the main road, between the city of Trujillo and the village of Huanchaco, there lies the ancient adobe city of Chan Chan. You can’t see much from the road but it still manages to give an impression of size due to the remains of its immense city walls. Chan Chan is also severely eroded, which while tragic, that erosion contributes to its aura of great age and mystery. What is Chan Chan? Chan Chan was once the largest city of the pre-Columbian era in the Americas and one of the largest adobe cities in the world. It was...

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The Three Huacas of Trujillo

While the Peruvian city of Trujillo is not all that exciting, it is still worth using as a launch point as there are a number of cool archaeological sites nearby. This region of Peru was once home to the Moche civilization; their heyday was between 100 and 700 AD. The Moche people were an agricultural society but were known for their gold work, painted ceramics, and large huacas (temples). And all of these you can still see today during a visit to the region around Trujillo. Huaca del Sol While it was probably the largest pre-Columbian adobe structure in...

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