Are you a visitor looking for something to do from Port of Spain, Trinidad? Or did your cruise ship dump you off for the day in Trinidad’s capital and the packaged tours do not appeal? Well, I have a solution for you. Why not spend at least an afternoon in Chaguaramas? Located just past Port of Spain in the northwest part of Trinidad, the area of Chaguaramas used to be an American military base during World War II. Today, it is full of all sorts of various activities and restaurants as well as yachts and sailboats that shelter here in stormy weather. Read on to find out how to spend a half day in this interesting area of Trinidad!

Have An Adventure

If you’re looking for some thrills without the spills, check out Zip-Itt Adventure Tours on Tucker Valley Road by Macqueripe Bay. It’s well run and the guides are both knowledgeable and funny. Zip lining is a great way to get up into the canopy of Trinidad’s lush forest. There are a series of lines but I think that the best one is the last one. That’s because you get to whiz by an unobstructed beautiful ocean view!

Tip: Expect to spend about 1 and a half hour here. Also, bring cash to pay for parking (shared parking lot for the zip line and the beach). Finally, if you leave valuables in your car, ensure it is tucked out of sight. But keep your cell phone with you to capture photos and video!

Take A Moment to Chill

Beach picnic time! If you planned ahead, you’ll have a cooler of drinks and snacks in your car. Head down to the pretty beach you saw while zip lining. Macqueripe Bay is a lovely sheltered cove that looks like ships in a bygone era would have dropped anchor here to shelter from storms. No pirates ships here but you can definitely take a swim at this calm beach.

Remember I said that Chaguaramas once was an American military base? Well, Macqueripe Bay used to be their submarine base!

Tip: On the road between Port of Spain and Chaguaramas, there is a large grocery store – stock up on drinks and snacks here!

Relax In The Shade

After a picnic and a dip in the ocean, it is time to head back out in the direction you came. Not far after the entrance to Macqueripe parking area along Tucker Valley Road, there lies the verdant Bamboo Cathedral. Tall bamboo stalks stretch up high above your head, many of which bend to form a natural archway all along the paved trail. On a bright breezy day, the bamboo sways and creaks, the leaves rustle, birds and Red Howler Monkeys call out to each other, butterflies flutter by, and the sun peeks through the dense vegetation creating dappled patterns on the ground. It is really lovely!

Check out this post to find out more.

Get In Touch With Your Inner Child

A little further down the Tucker Valley Road, you will find Samaan Park. It is a lovely green space with picnic tables and massive trees. These trees are said to be over 200 years old so if you choose to relax under the sprawling branches, you likely will not be the first to do so! If you’re here in the late afternoon, heading towards sunset, you may also even hear the cries of Red Howler Monkeys echoing off the surrounding hills. Also, look out for a swing – when was the last time you sat in a swing?? Go for it!

Tip: If you have extra time, along this road are the ruins of an abandon church and cemetery. Check it out!

Feed Me!

By now, you’re probably hungry. There are two restaurants in Chaguaramas that I recommend. The first is The Lighthouse Restaurant attached to Crew’s Inn. The atmosphere is one of upscale casual but the prices are not unreasonable. It is a fantastic place to admire sailboats, too! The second option is Sails Restaurant and Pub. Decently priced, this place is more laid back than the Lighthouse Restaurant. In fact, it is situated in a boatyard! The restaurant is also waterfront so it has great views of the harbour.

Tip: These five activities are just suggestions. Chaguaramas has many other things to do including golf, an amusement park of sorts, a military museum, hiking, and bird watching. So why not go and see for yourself!