One of the main events and highlight of Trinidad and Tobago is Carnival. And yet, as a full-grown Trini adult (can I call myself that even though I left when I was 5 1/2?), I have never been to Carnival. Well, this year, I rectified this little issue. Okay, okay, I wasn’t there for the bacchanal that is Sunday-Tuesday Carnival but instead, I attended the Children’s Carnival the week before. Children’s Carnival is no small thing, though. The parade is over 5 hours long, there are tons of people and participants, and the costumes are lavish, creative, and obviously expensive. In fact, in terms of costumes, I think the children’s carnival is probably better than the adult one since these days, adults seem to think string and beads are enough to constitute a costume. So if you want to see creative costumes, not have some drunken person winin’ up on you, and actually feel like you’re part of a cultural event, this is the carnival event to attend. Though, one day I’ll make it to the adults version – I need to see it once in my life! But for now, here are photos of Children’s Carnival that takes place in Port of Spain (St. James), Trinidad.