What is it about waterfalls that make us love them so much? No matter the size, most of us get oddly excited about the idea of falling water. While on Vancouver Island, I drove about 15km off route (one way) to see this set of waterfalls as it had been recommended by a friend. And it was definitely worth the detour, in my opinion.

Englishman River Falls is in a provincial park north of Nanaimo, British Columbia. The park is very picturesque with tall verdant forests made up of all sorts of trees, ferns, and other plants. Walking along the fairly well maintained path was not difficult whatsoever which was actually a good thing – I was too busy soaking up the peace, the green, and the crisp air to focus on where my feet were going! Some bits of the path were fairly steep and other parts were practically hair pin turns – however, overall, it was a very easy walk.

Whenever the forest opened up, there were great views of giant rocks, narrow canyons, plunging waters, and calm clear pools. This is the second waterfall I have seen in Canada and while Englishman River Falls is nowhere near the scale of Niagara Falls, I loved it much more. It is a waterfall in its natural habitat while Niagara Falls is like seeing an animal in a zoo. The neatest thing about Englishman River Falls is how it tumbles into a narrow crevasse rather than being the wide open waterfall we generally see.

Picnics, camping, swimming, and hiking are all allowed here so there are facilities such as bathrooms and tables, allowing you to take as much or as little time as you want in the park. The trails take about an hour, depending on how fast you walk and how much of a shutterbug you are. So if it is for a few hours or for a few days, I definitely recommend checking out Englishman River Falls if you’re in the area. And if you’re doing a road trip like I did, you’re always in the area!