The Pan-American Highway, Peruvian portion. There really isn’t much to say about this road. It runs the length of Peru along its coast…and that’s pretty much it. When I travelled along it, I took a long distance bus from the city of Trujillo in the north to Lima, further south. That bus ride was just over ten hours long! Lucky for me, in between naps and reading, I was able to enjoy the passing scenery. Easy for me to say as I don’t live in it, but I loved the rustic feel of what I saw. Sometimes it even felt almost post-apocalyptic. The bus ride felt safe except for certain stretches closer to Lima – those parts were along a cliff that had no guardrail! Accidents do happen, unfortunately. If you do want to travel on this highway, ensure you pick a reputable bus company.

Anyway, while I don’t have anything else to say about the Peruvian portion of the Pan-American Highway, I did take photos along the route from my bus window seat. Here are some of my favourites of what you’ll see if you travel along this route via road rather than fly!