A short guide to the unique region of Cappadocia, Turkey

Where to stay


Being the hub of Cappadocia’s tourism industry for decades, you can’t go wrong staying in this town. Its history dates back to the time of the Hittites (1800 to 1200 B.C.), and it is that richness that makes Göreme an amazing World Heritage Site.

Kelebek Cave Hotel

Carved into Cappadocia’s ubiquitous soft rock, this beautiful hotel has fantastic views of Göreme and the valleys beyond. It offers a mix of rooms ranging from the traditional fairy chimney room to luxury suites. There is even a luxury Hamam on site as well as a great restaurant. I definitely recommend this hotel!

What to Eat

There are many delicious Turkish dishes such as Testi Kebab in a clay pot, fresh honey, menemen (an egg dish), the ubiquitous cay, wines, and kofte. Try something new every day!


Turkish is the official language of the Republic of Turkey. It is a hard language to learn but it is well worth the effort to learn some key phrases beforehand. People are most appreciative when you at least try a few words!







Thank you

Teşekkür ederim

I'm sorry


Yes / No

Evet / Hayir

How much

Ne kadar

Entrance / Exit

Giriş / çıkış



Men / Women

Bay / Bayan

Do you speak English

İngilizce biliyor musunuz?

My name is

Adim ….

Important Logistics

How to Get There

Fly or take a long distance bus from Istanbul or Ankara. The main towns in the region are Göreme, Ürgüp, Avanos, and Nevsehir.

Traveling Solo

Cappadocia is very easy to visit solo. I found it safe, people were curious about me but not in an obnoxious way, and there was so much to keep me occupied. If you’re on a budget (i.e. renting a car is not feasible), there are many tours to a wide variety of places. As a solo female, I had no issues either. I kept my usual wits about me and it was fine. I also loved that the night buses leaving Cappadocia go the extra step to keep women comfortable: solo female travelers are only ever seated next to another woman!

When to Visit

April to June and September to November are the best times to visit – temperatures are more moderate and the crowds will be a little less.

Leaving Cappadocia

Just like arriving, you can either fly or take the bus when leaving Cappadocia. If busing (a surprisingly comfortable option), book your ticket at least one day in advance during peak times as buses do sell out. Göreme’s bus station (otogar) has about four companies from which to choose. Make sure you confirm where the bus will drop you as some final destinations are serviced by a shuttle rather than the bus itself (i.e you’ll be dropped off somewhere for the shuttle).