There are many valleys in Cappadocia from which you can choose to visit. You are most definitely spoiled for choice here. However, there is one you should keep high on your list, especially if you are able to visit at sunset: the Red Valley. While many people do visit due to its close proximity to Goreme, they tend to stick to Sunset Point, watching the setting of the sun in what is basically a parking lot. If you want to actually earn your sunset, take a hike. No, really – go on an actual hike. It’s an easy one and when I went, it was completely deserted. It was just me and my guide. My introverted self danced with glee, that’s for sure.

The sunset at Red Valley is glorious. The ever deepening light made the reds, pinks, and yellows of the rock formations richer than usual. My camera finger was positively itching! We meandered through the valley full of flowers, grasses, grape vines, and trees. We saw unique stone formations, colourful rocks, and mysterious caves. And while I saw no people, I did see evidence of mankind: an ancient winery, pigeon houses, and passageways that had been carved into the soft rock a very long time ago. There are also hidden rock churches out here that you can visit but I recommend you do that during the day, not at sunset.

Watching the sunset out in the Red Valley was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Cappadocia. If you’re a person who loves nature or loves colour, I definitely recommend going. If you’re a couple, yes, this would also be a romantic spot to woo each other, especially if you go into the valley (i.e. not just stay with everyone else in the parking lot). But if you see me out there, too, please go light on the PDA…please?

FYI – To get here, I took a tour with Urban Adventures. I was the only person on the tour that day so my guide modified it to what I wanted. We did a tour of the winery since it was a Wine and Sunset tour, and then headed straight for Red Valley. Since we had the time due to cutting out a few things, we were able to do the walk described here. So for you, if a sunset hike is your primary goal, either go on your own or book a private tour!