As Trinidad’s second largest ethnic population is East Indian, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of such architectural influences in the country. One neat example is the romantically named Temple in the Sea. Another example involves a really tall statue and a bright pink building. Yup, pink. Read on to find out more!

Sri Dattatreya Yoga Center
Sri Dattatreya Yoga Center

The Hanuman Murti

You can’t miss this statue. It is 85 feet tall! This is the statue of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey deity. Hanuman is worshipped for his devotion to Rama (the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver and protector of the universe) and is looked upon as a perfect symbol of selflessness and loyalty. For believers, the worship of Hanuman helps one in countering bad karma stemming from selfish action, and grants strength during the ups and downs of life’s journey.

Unfortunately for me, when I went, the statue was covered in scaffolding as it was being restored. But it was still neat to see! Apparently, this is the tallest statue of Hanuman in the world. Nearby, look out for the slightly creepy looking camel. I have no idea why it was there…

Sri Dattatreya Yoga Center

The Sri Dattatreya Yoga Center

Built in 2003, the Sri Dattatreya Yoga Center was built in a south Indian style known as Dravidian. It was apparently constructed by artisans brought from India. The temple is quite the sight – not only is it vividly pink, it is covered in intricate carvings and there are all sorts of murtis (sacred statues). There are even two large ornate elephant statues guarding the front door! Unfortunately, the temple was not open when we arrived so we could not see the colourful interior up close. If you are lucky to have an opportunity to go inside, remember to take off your shoes as this is a place of worship.

What else to do in the area

The temple is half an hour from Port of Spain in the town of Carapichaima. Nearby is the Temple in the Sea as well as the Caroni Swamp tour. Doing all three is a great way to spend an afternoon!