This is the second part of a two part blog post on Victoria – this one contains the things I categorize as “water”. Part I was about the “historical” side of Victoria.

Walk Along the Beach

Victoria’s beach front isn’t sandy but rather, it is made up of pebbles and rocks. And giant logs and driftwood. It’s pretty neat. Not too gentle on the bare foot but still a great place for a meander or a place to sit a while and watch the boats and ships go by. If you’re lucky and it is a clear day, you can see the tall snow-capped mountains on the other side of the strait.

Ogden Point

An area where you can find a cruise ship facility, ship repair facilities, and a heliport. Thankfully, none of the related conveyances were in evidence when we wandered by. There was, however, a delightful breakwater that does double duty as a pier on which one can stroll. At its furthest end sits a lighthouse. On the walk out to it, keep your eyes peeled for some interesting aquatic life. I managed to spot a bright orange starfish! Also keep your eye out for a Sony camera lens cap – I dropped mine over the side onto a ledge. Oops.

Outside Eating

If it is a lovely day, consider checking out food options by the water. For example, before I left for Victoria, my mother told me about a restaurant she’d heard about on the Food Network called Red Fish, Blue Fish. It is a retrofitted shipping container in the harbour area and it has some fantastic fresh fish prepared in a number of different ways. The line will probably be a bit long but believe me, the wait is worth it.


Victoria’s harbour is a focal point of the city. Taking a long walk along it is a great way to pass an hour or two. There is so much to see, ranging from parks to boats and people to architecture. I especially enjoyed coming across colourful homes that sit right in the water. Made me wish I had one of them…

Watch the Sunset

Even though you may have walked the beaches during the day, don’t forget to come back in the evening. There really isn’t anything quite like ending the day with a beautiful golden sunset.

Have you been to Victoria? What was your favourite bit about the city?


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