I love trees. It’s a slightly one sided love, because I’m allergic to a couple types (birch and maple which is ironic considering I live in Canada). However, trees were one of the things I really looked forward to seeing in British Colombia as I planned my trip there. One of the more popular places to see trees in this part of Canada is at MacMillan Provincial Park. It is 301 hectares full of beautiful specimens of maple, red cedar, hemlock, and firs. The one unfortunate thing about the park is that it straddles a main highway (still only 2 lanes, though) and the parking is very limited.

MacMillan Provincial Park is home to Cathedral Grove, a chunk of forest known for its ancient Douglas Fir trees. Some of them are more than 800 years old! And they’re huge – one is taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa! So if you love trees, MacMillan Provincial Park is definitely a place for you to visit. Here are thirteen things you will see at this park:


Fallen Trees

Insects on Trees

Pathways Through Trees

Plants Surrounding Trees

Tree Roots

Signs About Trees

Tall Trees

Tree within a Tree

Trees with Beards

Trees with Holes

Vandalized Trees

Water Surrounded by Trees

Wide Trees

Where are some of the best places you have seen trees?