My First Surf Lesson

Surfing was always one of those things that I have always thought looked really cool but really really hard. I never thought that I’d ever try it especially since I live in Canada. Not exactly a place one normally equates with surfing. And then I went to Tofino, Vancouver Island. Much of Vancouver Island has weather and temperature very different than the rest of Canada. The island’s temperate weather pretty much lasts all year round, allowing the water along Tofino’s long coastline to be rather steady at 10°C/50°F. Tofino, one of the main cities on Vancouver Island, is the...

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A Beautiful Day Hike on Meares Island

I bit back a squeal of excitement upon seeing the “End of Boardwalk” sign.  Sure, I’m not in the backwoods of an exotic country, but hiking in rainforest-like conditions of my home country was not all that far behind. Especially considering this was Canada and especially when the “End of Boardwalk” sign was the start of an off-road wander. I love those. Meares Island is one of many islands that lie in the water off of Tofino. The whole area is known as the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Back in 1984, Meares Island was in danger of being...

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The Mackenzie King Estate

When you look at the portraits of Canada’s prime ministers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the country was only ever led by tedious stodgy men and ditto for that lone *blinkandyoumissedit* woman. However, behind the half smile of one leader in particular, there lay a highly entertaining secret. William Lyon Mackenzie King was Canada’s longest serving prime minister: almost 22 years. He’s credited with helping the country become mostly independent (remember, Queen E is still Canada’s head of state). You’d think that with his long record of leading Canada that people would have loved him back then –...

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The Wild Pacific Trail

As much as I love hiking, some days I don’t particularly feel like clambering over twisted roots and navigating treacherous boulder fields. However, walking through a manicured park or worse…through a city…is not my idea of relaxation. Times like these call for compromise and on Vancouver Island, the Wild Pacific Trail is perfect. A wide, fairly maintained trail that winds its way through tall trees and near pounding sea surf gives you enough of an illusion of going for an adventure while not making you work very hard for it. The Wild Pacific Trail is located in Ucluelet, on...

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Ten Things to do in Victoria: Part II

This is the second part of a two part blog post on Victoria – this one contains the things I categorize as “water”. Part I was about the “historical” side of Victoria. Walk Along the Beach Victoria’s beach front isn’t sandy but rather, it is made up of pebbles and rocks. And giant logs and driftwood. It’s pretty neat. Not too gentle on the bare foot but still a great place for a meander or a place to sit a while and watch the boats and ships go by. If you’re lucky and it is a clear day, you can...

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Ten Things to do in Victoria: Part I

The city of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, was my introduction to Western Canada. And why it took me so long to visit this part of this country, I’ll never know. Even though I was only here for one day with a friend, I loved this city. It just had this vibe that, while it’s still Canadian, it’s also very relaxed and cool. It is almost an island vibe. I did a lot of walking while in Victoria and took a lot of photographs in my one day visit. I decided to split this post into two parts,...

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Who Am I?

My name is Kendra and I am a cubicle escape artist: I try to find ways to keep my job which is in a cubicle while also trying to escape it as often as possible.

When I travel, I’m generally that solo female you see wandering with a camera firmly clutched to her face as she traipses around while narrowly avoiding being hit by some form of local transportation.

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