Three Free Things to Admire in Historical Albi

One of the reasons I love to visit my uncle in southwestern France, is his location. He lives a seven minute walk to the local train station where one then has a multitude of small towns from which to pick. One place I visit each time I’m in the region is Albi, a town on the River Tarn. Albi is a charming place to spend a day, being about an hour away from the city of Toulouse by train. It’s also great because you can make this trip as cheap as you want. The last time I was here,...

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The Gardens of Versailles

When I went to Versailles, I had vague ideas of trying to see both the gardens and the palace in a one day visit. When I arrived, I found out that the Hall of Mirrors was closed for renovations. Just my luck. Since that is one of the main highlights of this place, I decided that I’d leave the palace for another time and focus on the gardens on this visit. That turned out to be the right choice, as believe it or not, it took much of the day to wander them! Versailles Gardens covers about 800 hectares...

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Ten Facts about the Eiffel Tower

I may cause some people to exclaim “Sacré bleu! C’est sacrilège!” but I was actually kind of disappointed when I first saw the Eiffel Tower in person. The Eiffel Tower is one of those semi-mythological romantic things that many of us strive to see in our lifetime. But those kinds of things never live up to the hype. In this case, truly, how could it? It’s just a giant iron tower! A free-standing iron tower that serves no real purpose. A tower, c’est tout. But still. It continues to capture the imagination of people around the world and probably...

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Three Famous Churches of Paris

When visiting European cities, generally you’re never quite far from a historical church. These things were built to last and last they did. It is, therefore, easy to get church-fatigue. So it’s paramount to pick your churches carefully in order not to burn out too quickly. This holds true for Paris where there are tons of churches to see. Here are three, wonderful for their own unique reason, that you should see when you’re in Paris: History Notre-Dame de Paris is a Roman Catholic cathedral in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. It was built between the years 1163 and...

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Wandering Rabastens, France

Generally, a visit to France means exploring the big cities such as Paris, Marseilles, and Toulouse. However, I think it is important to remember the little towns, villages and even the hamlets. While they may not have grand things to sightsee, they tend to have “everyday” history and a quiet beauty about them. In France, I spent a few months living in one such town and to this day, I still have half-baked ideas about one day moving to a place such as this. Rabastens is a Midi-Pyrénées French town about a 25 minute train ride from Toulouse, assuming...

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Wandering Marseille

Some cities make you work hard to discover its personality and flavour. Others are easy. No real planning ahead is required as you’ll discover much just by strapping on a pair of good walking shoes and wandering. Of course, you’ll miss plenty of the lesser obvious sites but that’s okay – it just means you have an excuse to visit again. This style of travel is especially good if you’re only in a place for a weekend. By not researching ahead of time, you are forced to take in the essence of a place rather than rushing from site...

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Two Reasons to Road Trip the Gorge du Tarn

As someone who has so far refused to own a car, it may seem a little strange that I love road trips. And it may seem doubly strange that as someone who loves to do her own thing, I haven’t embraced the freedom (mobility-wise, anyway) that is car ownership. But every once in a while, I do a road trip and that little niggling voice that cries out, “Buy a car! Buy a car!” gets a little louder. One such road trip was through the Gorge du Tarn. The two main reasons why I very much recommend not only...

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The French Hamlet of Hauterives

One of the things that suck about solo travel, though it still remains my favourite way to travel, is the fact that things like car rentals are not friendly to one’s budget. And having a car is pretty much the best way to go off the beaten path, something I love doing. As such, sometimes I change things up and actually travel with someone. A few years ago, when I was studying French in France, my dad came to visit me and we decided to check out the Gorges du Tarn area. Neither of us knew much about the...

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Foix’s Unique Castle

It is always fun when people break out of the box and build something unique. I especially love when it is something in architecture and bonus when it comes from ancient time periods. Foix is one such place where I found a castle that didn’t look like any castle I’ve ever seen. It remains one of my favorites today. Foix is located in southwestern France in the Midi-Pyrénées region. It is just a train ride south of Toulouse, near the border of Spain and Andorra. Foix came to be about the 9th century thanks to Charlemagne and it reached...

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Funky Rocks in Le Sidobre

One of the benefits of slow travel is the possibility to see or visit things that most tourists don’t see. A long time ago, in a galaxy much like ours, I had the opportunity to study French in France for about half a year. One of the benefits of participating in a language school is that they tend to have sightseeing trips. One such trip offered at my school was to Le Sidobre, a pretty random corner of France. Le Sidobre, located in central France, essentially is a granite plateau covered with forests and littered with giant rocks. I...

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