The Northeastern Coast of Trinidad: A Day Trip

After years of visiting my birth country of Trinidad and not seeing much beyond the chaotic Port of Spain and its equally hectic surroundings, I was starting to wonder where the island’s beauty was hiding itself. Sure, I’ve seen places like Maracas Bay and the Caroni mangrove, but it was only recently that I’ve finally gotten the opportunity to see more than that. I’ve hiked to a secluded beach, explored a verdant gorge, and seen beautiful birds at a world renowned birdwatching centre. I’ve also recently did a mini road trip through the island’s northeast coast. And here it...

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Trinidad’s Fort George vs Tobago’s Fort King George

Most people visit Trinidad and Tobago for the food, the beaches, the landscape, and of course, Carnival. For those who are more of a history buff, while there isn’t a whole lot to see, you are also covered. Scattered across both islands are various historical sites, including forts. These forts should not come as a surprise considering the Caribbean’s colonial history. The British, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, and even the Courlanders were all sniffing around the Caribbean, generally causing mayhem. And there were also pirates – can’t forget about the pirates! Two forts in Trinidad and Tobago...

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How to Visit Four Amazing Beaches in Tobago in One Afternoon

Here is how you can see not one, not two, but four of Tobago’s famous beaches in a single afternoon!

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The Emerald Isle – Montserrat

While the Caribbean is full of English, French, Spanish, and even Dutch history “thanks” to European colonizers, did you know that there is one island with a strong Irish connection? A British Overseas Territory, Montserrat is an island in the West Indies. Its nickname is The Emerald Isle because it apparently looks like coastal Ireland and because of the island’s Irish history. Irish Catholics settled here in the 17th century from other Caribbean Islands. It is a tiny island being only 16km long and 11 km wide. And for such a tiny place, this island has had a lot...

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Dominica’s Kalinago Territory

During my visit to Dominica, it was important to me to visit an area called the Kalinago Territory as it was a way to connect to a piece of my heritage. The Territory is located in the northeast part of Dominica, on the Atlantic coast. The district is about 15 km2 in size so it is a fairly big area. The land is mountainous, covered in forests and rivers, and has some incredible coastlines. Only about 3000 people live in the Territory and apparently, they all share communal ownership of the land. It is run by a council of...

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Dominica – An Island of History and Nature

Dominica is an absolutely stunning Caribbean island and it is a shame not many people seem to know of it. When I went, as my plane flew over the island, my face squashed against the window, the only thing I could think of was Jurassic Park. The sheer abundance of green and mountains was incredible. Going to Dominica was pretty important for me because part of my family tree originates there. So you could imagine my excitement when I arrived at the airport and the customs guy asked me my purpose in the country. I said holiday and looking...

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Exploring Like It’s 1492: A Hike in Trinidad

If you went to North American schools, like me you would have learned about long dead white men “discovering” places and having adventures. You may have also played computer games such as Amazon Trail at home. And if you’re anything like me, the two have combined in your brain and so the thought of visiting the rainforest is exhilarating and would be like embarking on your very own mini quest. Okay, fine – I fully acknowledge I may be alone in this regard… Hiking in my birth country has always been a dream of mine and one that has...

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A Hike to Negmawah Beach

On my last visit to my birth country, Trinidad, I finally managed to fulfill a long held dream – hiking! You’re probably wondering why that’s a big deal to me. Well, Trinidad isn’t exactly what one would call a “safe country” so trying to find a relative who’d take me into the isolated rainforests for a hike was like asking Cookie Monster to have some pie instead. However, on my last visit, I found a cousin who sometimes hiked with this particular group called Island Hikers. I pretty much gave her no choice and off we went to fulfill...

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Ethics and a National Dish

Shark and bake. Bake and shark. No matter the order in which you put the two words, they both spell deliciousness at the beach. And not just any beach – Maracas Beach. Shark and bake can be classified as street-food (but you eat it at the beach, not on the street) and it is practically a national dish in the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. There’s been a long standing debate on what order the two words should go but I personally don’t care either way as long as in the end, I get some to eat. So...

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