Don’t Forget Selcuk When Visiting Western Turkey!

Due to its proximity to the famous site of Ephesus, it can be tempting to treat Selcuk only as a stepping stone to those ruins. However, I think that the city is definitely worth some of your time, even if it is just a day. Unfortunately, the giant fortress that you see on Selcuk’s horizon is not one of them – it isn’t open to the public. Nevertheless, besides having a meal practically under a Byzantine era aqueduct, here are three interesting things to see in Selcuk: Temple of Artemis This Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Artemis was...

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Don’t Miss Didyma When Visiting Western Turkey!

Didyma is generally visited by those part of a tour – either one from Kusadasi (a cruise port) or those who are doing the “three sites in one day” tour. Other than that, to get to Didyma, you either must have a car at your disposal or have lots of time to spare to take a dolmus or three (local buses). When I went, it was the last stop on the day trip that already saw Priene and Miletus. The downside to Didyma is that when you’re at the temple, you can see restaurants and pensions surrounding you.  Not...

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Why You Should Visit the Red Valley in Cappadocia at Sunset

There are many valleys in Cappadocia from which you can choose to visit. You are most definitely spoiled for choice here. However, there is one you should keep high on your list, especially if you are able to visit at sunset: the Red Valley. While many people do visit due to its close proximity to Goreme, they tend to stick to Sunset Point, watching the setting of the sun in what is basically a parking lot. If you want to actually earn your sunset, take a hike. No, really – go on an actual hike. It’s an easy one...

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Pottery in Avanos, Cappadocia

Pottery is not exactly unique to any one part of the world – many cultures on this planet developed their own version of the art. However, what I find interesting is how it differs from each country, region, and even group of people. If you are a fan of pottery, when you visit Cappadocia you will need to visit the town of Avanos which lies about 8km from Goreme. It is considered to be the centre of clay pottery in Turkey. The river that runs through Avanos is called Kizilirmak, which means Red River. Since the Hittite period (as...

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Yes, You Saw That Right at Love Valley

In Cappadocia, there is a particular valley about which there’s a lot of sniggering: Baglidere Valley, better known as Love Valley. When you arrive, you immediately see why people find it so funny. For thousands of years, wind and rain/snow slowly eroded layers of volcanic ash that had been spewed by local volcanoes over millennia. Sometimes, a piece of basalt forms on top of layers of ash which means that when the surrounding ash eventually erodes away, the part below the basalt is protected. This leaves behind conical rock structures. Conical rock structures with a cap. Capped conical rock...

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Ten Great Things To Do in Cappadocia

If you have the time, a visit to Turkey practically requires a visit to Cappadocia. The region is just fascinating with its beautiful otherworldly landscapes, history, and bountiful things to do. While most people reserve one to two days of their Turkey trip for Cappadocia, I highly suggest allocating at least four days if you want to see and experience the wide variety of things on offer in this region. Here are ten things to do in Cappadocia, in no particular order: Be taken on an Adventure: Hot air ballooning is a fantastic way to view Cappadocia’s landscape. You...

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