There are hundreds of reasons why people travel and a quick Google search will provide you with the little reasons and the lofty reasons…but they are all personal reasons and will differ from person to person. Travel for me has always been a necessity, a raison d’être. I am, after all, a self-confessed cubicle escape artist! Here are five reasons why I travel, in no particular order:

The Great Cubicle Escape

My tag line has me claiming that I’m a cubicle escape artist. Being stuck at the office reminds me how I find the routine of settled life kinda boring despite my efforts to change things up by trying new things locally. Travel allows me to have a change of scenery and to mess up my perspective on the world yet again. It challenges me in a way that only the unfamiliar can, and provides me with a chance to see or experience something new.

An Excuse to Research

I’m a research addict. Especially when it comes to travel, I love researching the crap out of things. For me, learning about a place (history, sights, foods, scams, etc) is half the fun of travel, even if I’m not actually at the place yet. It is also a chance to acquire a bit of a new language, to learn about a culture’s customs, and to figure out random things like how a particular port’s cruise ship schedule would impact my sightseeing. I told you – I take my research seriously!

Feelin’ Alive, Feelin’ Alive

I feel alive when I travel and when I’m talking about travel. To me, life is about being out there, experiencing and learning all the random things that come with travel. And sometimes, you pick up very unique skills because of travel. For example on the Camino Frances, I became very proficient at walking while taking off my jacket without taking off my giant backpack or the camera strapped across my chest. Dunno ‘bout you but I’m ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! I’ve got skillz!

Passport Stamps Collection

One thing that gives me joy in life is seeing my passport fill up with stamps. I’m weird like that. I was very upset when Cuba did not stamp my passport. In contrast, I was excited when I received the Machu Picchu stamp in Peru and a green three-leaf clover in Montserrat. I also got stamps to my heart’s content along the Camino Frances, of course. Passport stamps are awesome.

Me Photo, You Photo

As you can probably tell by now in this blog, I love photography. My favourites are landscapes, macro, and contemplative/abstract. I am very bad at carving out time for my hobby when I am at home but when I’m on the road, my camera is practically glued to my face. Some people say photography prevents you from being in the moment but for me, it grounds me in the moment and makes me appreciate what it is I’m seeing and experiencing. So in my mind, long live the camera!

Question: So, why do YOU travel? What has been your favorite passport stamp so far?