An Adirondacks 46er is someone who has reached the summit of all 46 High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains in Eastern USA. These 46 peaks are over 4000 feet high – well, they were all THOUGHT to have been over that threshold when this hiking challenge was first designed in the early 20th century. Today, modern measurements have shown that four of the peaks are just under the 4000 foot mark. But to keep with tradition, these peaks are still part of the Adirondacks High Peaks.

The Adirondacks 46er challenge is to climb all 46 High Peaks and to keep track as you go. Upon submission to the official 46er club, challenge finishers are issued a certificate of completion. According to the club, over 7000 people have registered their achievement so far! Okay, yes, that figure is probably since 1918… Since I want to be part of this 7000 and want a nifty certificate, I’ve been tracking my hikes. I do not live in the USA so getting to the Adirondacks is a bit of a challenge; it will take me YEARS to complete this challenge but that is okay. I plan to take my time and enjoy this experience.

Here are the peaks I have done, in order of completion: